6 Features of The Best Long-Term Time Lapse Camera System For Construction Shoots

With the latest camera technology advancements, there are so many new features to explore in long-term time lapse systems for construction projects, through which one can learn how to select and plan for a time lapse project for personal or business use. 

Many people do not realize the need to have an accurate method of shooting a long-term time lapse to achieve the best results. For this purpose, it might be necessary to use a quick guide on choosing the best equipment with the best solutions to offer. 

So, what are the elements to consider when choosing a camera for long-term time lapse construction?


Here is a quick rundown on the six features and benefits you should watch out for to guarantee that you can get the correct time lapse camera solutions:

  1. Ultra HD/4K Camera Resolution
  2. Flexible Power Options
  3. Stable Deployability
  4. Wireless Monitoring System
  5. Expandable Storage
  6. Affordable Cost

Be sure to check each of these boxes on your list before deciding to shoot your next project.

Long-Term Time Lapse Camera: High-Quality Features

In choosing a long-term time lapse camera, you generally need to ensure that it has powerful features to produce the best outcomes, particularly for a construction project. 

A time lapse shoot in a construction project can document the progress from day one and so on. If you’re the business owner, you can see all the construction phases, including multiple shots on some levels of the process that you might use for several purposes.

If you want an affordable solution for enhanced time lapse quality, take note of the following features we’d like to share with you. And by the end of this article, you’ll have an idea of how— and where you can get these solutions for your construction time lapse project.

Ultra HD/4K Camera Resolution

Currently, the best time lapse camera quality you can get from the market at the best price is a 4K resolution, which produces fantastic ultra-high-definition (UHD) images and videos. It can include a wide-angle capture if that’s within your preferences. This camera quality is above the average features you can find in most cameras used for time lapse projects, making this a perfect fit for a construction time lapse shoot.

Flexible Power Options

To have flexible camera power, you need strong battery features and a backup system to extend the shoot suitable for a long-term time lapse. The best source for unlimited and efficient on-site power is a solar battery system. It should power up your battery by consistently recharging during the shoot. Other methods also enable low power consumption features to optimize the battery performance.

Stable Deployability

The deployability features of the camera must be equipped for beginners and professional photographers. Of course, the system should be reliable against the weather and other external factors. An autonomous time lapse camera system exceptionally benefits long-term time lapse projects with minimal monitoring.

Wireless Monitoring System

Speaking of monitoring your time lapse camera for long-term construction shoots, wireless features are a “must” for your camera system if you want the most convenient monitoring system for your time lapse shoot. Primarily, it has features that allow you to customize the settings on a web-based platform via a wireless connection. Secondly, you can access your data, including all the recordings, through a secure wireless connection.

Expandable Storage

The camera storage is also one of the critical factors to consider for an ideal time lapse system suitable for construction shoots. Naturally, longer shoots consume more space, so it would require more extensive expandable storage space to ensure that you can save all recordings. 

Camera systems with a cloud application have features that you can program to automatically upload the images of the time lapse recording remotely. This feature would be an excellent addition to achieve efficient time lapse recordings.

Affordable Value

Lastly, managing to incorporate all features listed above shouldn’t have to involve expensive costs. Remember, high-quality images at the lowest prices bring quicker and larger ROI. If you want to be smart about finding the perfect solutions for your time lapse photography, whether it’s for personal or business needs, look for affordable options that fit your budget. 

Other Factors to Consider In Choosing a Construction Time Lapse Camera System

Here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself while considering the goals you want to achieve for your long-term time lapse construction shoot.

How do you intend to use the project?

Getting the best quality time lapse tools and services depends on the outcome you want to achieve for the project. For example, if you’re going to use the project for marketing purposes, you’ll want to have the highest quality achievable to create an impact on your audience. Your time lapse video will represent your brand, and you wouldn’t want to show anything less to your future clients. Additionally, having the ability to showcase your process and your methods engages on a deeper level that will catch the attention of relevant audiences who can benefit from your services.

Do you need all the essential elements to achieve your project goals?

You have to ask if the comprehensive time lapse camera system features are beneficial to your project and how you intend to use them. If you want to get the best value for your construction time lapse shoot, you should at least ensure to have high camera resolution, flexible power options, and a wireless monitoring system. However, if you’re aiming for nothing less, you can use all these camera settings for your construction time lapse shoot to get professional results every time.
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